Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Rank Higher In Google

SEO is the single most important and confusing entity a site’s ranking. Google has made it practically impossible to ascertain what it wants so your website ranks higher than your competition’s. It uses algorithms that are ambiguous, confusing, and constantly changing. So…what do you do (or not do)?

One main tip is to NOT spam your site with your keywords. Google’s algorithm easily detects this and penalizes your site!

We can help your site’s SEO in hopes of ranking you higher when people type pertinent keywords into Google.

Just email Allen at to discuss!

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What Is…Website Design Vs. Website Redesign

What’s the difference between “website design” and “website redesign”?

The answer is simple.  Website design is usually a website that is created from scratch, whereas a redesign tends to keep the site’s branding and content but changes other aspects of the site like graphics, HTML code, updates, and anything else the web designer and client might discuss.

In other words…if you don’t have a website, then one will be designed for you.  If you have an existing website that just needs a little fluffing up, then that would be a redesign.

If you need a new web design, or just need a redesign, we can help!  Just contact us 🙂

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Did You Know…SEO Is Mandatory?

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is mandatory.  Why?  Look at it this way:  How else is a “computer” like Google supposed to know what your site is about unless you tell it when it visits your site.  But your site might still rank low on Google, which sounds like you need some serious SEO.  Don’t know how to do this?  Let us help!

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