Print Advertising Is Dead (Video)

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Did You Know? Print Advertising Is Dead – And So Are The Others.

Why should I advertise online?

The Internet is necessary to modern business advertising.  As the “go to ” source for entertainment, information, business, communication, and shopping, the Internet is the ideal venue for reaching a target audience with advertising messages.

By advertising online, any business can reach a world-wide audience instantly and far more economically than any other method.  Likewise, those businesses wanting to reach a smaller, specific target audience have the option of advertising on specific or local websites frequented by their potential and targeted customers.

Here’s the beef:

  • Television, radio, newspapers and magazines all have Internet counterparts that are increasing in use exponentially.
  • E-mags and online news sources can give more up-to-date information than their print versions, which are dwindling in readership and publication.
  • With I-pods, smart phones and music websites readily available, people are less dependent on the radio for musical entertainment.
  • Because DVRs have fast-forwarding capabilities that allow users to watch programs commercial-free, television advertising has lost its appeal.
  • When compared to print and postage expenses, online advertising is more cost-effective than mail.

Internet technology will continue to play a significant role in people’s lives in the foreseeable future and whether your business is large or small, advertising via the Internet is the best way to reach the most people…especially advertising on!

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Print Advertising Is Dead! (Part One)

Let’s face it folks, in the world of advertising…print advertising is dead.  Where are people searching now?  On their phones, tablets, and laptops for over 4 hours a day!

So…if you’re still advertising in an outdated magazine and need something much more effective and progressive, then what are you waiting for?  Go to the Kernersville Business Directory and advertise your Kernersville business online today!

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